Visit us on the beautiful lake side of Barra to experience relaxing and restorative massage in a peaceful setting.

Enjoy a unique therapeutic massage – a combination of Swedish, acupressure, and deep tissue techniques – in a tranquil garden paradise with panoramic views. Our style of massage is especially recommended for weary travellers!

Need some extra TLC? We offer the following specialised treatments:

Sports Massage
Clients who are involved in physical activities or over use of certain muscle groups as a result of their occupation,

Deep Tissue Massage
Finding problem areas in the body and releasing tension

Massaging and applying pressure to the feet release stress in other parts of the boby , promotes circulation and restore balance

Hot Stone Massage
The use of heated stones to relieve tightness and stress

To book, contact Anne-Marie at +258 84 217 2834 or Robert at +258 84 255 7561.